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Teacher Further Development & Professional Learning

Enhancing teacher and pupil experience through engagement in further development & professional learning About this event In our first webinar of the year, Dr Virginia Bower and Catherine Carden explore the importance of planning for and engaging in your own professional development, and suggest ways in which you can be the architect of this based... Read more

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Free (Virtual) Diversity and Inclusion, Tues. September 21st About this event Free (Virtual) Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Tues Sept. 21, 2021- 1 hr CPE When: Tues Sept 21, 2021 from 6:00 to 7:20 PM (MT) Associated with AZ Valley of the Sun Chapter (Register below to get the Zoom Link to the meeting-mailed out 1... Read more


4 Key Lessons of Strong Leadership, From Proven Leaders

Happier Way Original - Early in careers, as employees try to gain their footing within a company, they strive for excellence as a team member or individual contributor. Eventually, though, as they grow in their careers, individual contributors seek the next step of the professional journey. This next step is typically the one that thrusts... Read more

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3 Proven Strategies for Prioritizing Mental Health While Working

Happier Way Original - Mental health, particularly as we endure and emerge from a global pandemic, perhaps has never been more important than today. With so much uncertainty surrounding health, jobs, politics, and the economy, it is understandable to feel added stress. This is especially true while working, as many people saw their daily work... Read more

Own Your Professional Development

Bradley introduces the concept of a professional development coach, and how actively planning for and executing a professional development plan can help you take your career in the direction you want. Dr. Bradley Brummel is an Associate Professor of Psychology at The University of Tulsa with a PhD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from the University of... Read more

5 Soft Skills You Will Need To Grow & Be Successful In Your Career

You might have the right education degree, you have a great personality, but you still are not the person your boss looks at when it comes to important tasks and projects, why is that so? Why is that your colleague gets all the lime light and you are still standing in the row waiting for... Read more

No More Bad Coffee: Professional Development That Honors Teachers

In her role as the Director of the Sofia Center for Professional Development at Bosque School, Sheryl Chard hosts workshops, seminars, and retreats for Bosque School faculty and other educators in the community that are heavily informed by feedback from countless educators. These innovative professional development opportunities allow teachers to connect with local experts and... Read more

The Only 3 Career Steps that Matter

Whether entrepreneur or employee, scientist or journalist, young graduate or top leader, there are just three big career transitions that matter: inclusion, influence, and impact. Opportunities and barriers at each stage can be different for women or minorities, but knowing the challenges can help overcome them - and create change for self and others on... Read more