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A Seat on the Table:

World Happiness Report 2022

A Happier Way to Live

Watch our latest webinar “A Seat at the Table: World Happiness Report 2022”

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Looking Forward: Let’s Continue The Conversation About Happiness And Well-Being!

A Happier Way to Live

Finding a Happier Way to live

Youth Progress Index 2021

A Happier Way to Live

Measuring young people’s quality of life globally


Happier Trends

Explore the latest news, articles, and information about the science of happiness, well-being, mental health, sustainability, nutrition, and more

Happier Way Pillars

Guided by our core pillars, we are committed to making a positive impact and creating a better world for generations to come

Well Being


Through the development of physical, emotional, and mental well-being, individuals can realize their vast potential and live in a balanced state of mind and body.

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Through an emphasis on inclusion, society can embrace and empathize with people irrespective of their race, gender, disability, orientation, or ethnicity and continue moving toward equal access and opportunities for all.

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Through a focus on growth, individuals and organizations are empowered to learn about themselves and their environment, value their strengths, practice acceptance, and prioritize their mental health both personally and professionally.

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Discover a Happier Way to live

Connect with an inclusive community

Meet individuals and teams who are also passionate about learning, growing, and prioritizing well-being for themselves and others. Network, make new friends, and expand your social connections. 

Participate in collaborative talks and events

Attend virtual and in-person events geared towards one of our core pillars, and even share your passion and knowledge with others by hosting your own Happier Way event! Lead a meeting, a book club session, a webinar, or more with the Happier Way Foundation.

Learn more about yourself, your community, and the world

Acquire new tools, skills, and strategies that will allow you to discover a Happier Way to think, act, and live. Through Happier Way courses, events, educational resources, and more, you can transform your thinking, your actions, and your life!

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Happier Way,Foundation
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Dive deeper into the World Happiness Report and watch our latest webinar “A Seat at the Table: World Happiness Report 2022”