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How to Limit Exposure to EMF and Radon at Home by Pamela Tatam

Radiation exposure is more common than you might think. In fact, many people are exposed to radiation at home, even if they aren’t aware of it. Electromagnetic fields or EMFs are created when electric current flows, and the strength of the magnetic field varies with power consumption. However, EMF strength remains constant, so it’s important... Read more

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How Food Affects Our Mood – A Nutritional Psychiatry Analysis on Improving Mental Health and Well-Being

Happier Way Original - Nutritional psychiatry is making big waves when it comes to improving our overall well-being along with the mind and body connection using something we consume every day -- our food! We are what we eat.  Foods that contain chemical additives, ultra-processing and more affect our gut environment and increases our risk... Read more

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The Link Between Happiness, Health, and Literacy

After exploring the places in the world where people live longest, National Geographic fellow, NYT best-selling author, and founder of Blue Zones, LLC, Dan Buettner turned his focus to the places where people live happiest. Why do people in places like Denmark, Costa Rica, and Singapore report being happier than the rest of us? If... Read more

What are happiness and well-being? A brief guide

1. What is the difference between happiness and well-being? Most researchers use ‘happiness’ to mean nothing more than a state of mind, like being satisfied with your life or having a positive emotional condition. To ask what happiness is, in this sense, is just to ask about the nature of a state of mind. By contrast, researchers... Read more

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Why ‘video call fatigue’ might be making you tired during lockdown – and how to beat it

Some video conferencing users are complaining of exhaustion after continual online meetings.Alongside Skype, Houseparty and Microsoft Teams, virtual meetings platform Zoom has boomed during the pandemic, growing from 10 million daily meeting participants in December to more than 200 million in March.Psychologists say “video call fatigue” could be due to factors including excessive self-awareness and over-scheduling. Video... Read more

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10 Pillars of a Strong Relationship

Many of the keys to a satisfying, lasting bond are probably already present in your relationship. Your performance evaluation at work comes in, and it’s glowing. However, there’s one area that “needs improvement.” Days later, which part do you think about? The negative, of course. Part of you knows it’s ridiculous to let that one... Read more

Insights and open questions from within the science of gratitude

In 2011 Fordham University sociologist Costas Panagopoulos published a study concerning three U.S. elections in which he found that voters who were sent a postcard thanking them for voting in the last election were significantly more likely to vote in the next election than were those who were sent a postcard simply encouraging them to vote. This... Read more

Positive Neuroscience

POSITIVE NEUROSCIENCE: INTRODUCTION For much of its history the study of the human brain had a negative tilt, focusing on the atypical, the abnormal, the injured, and (because of the difficulty of accessing the living brain) the deceased. But in recent times neuroscience has taken a positive turn. Technologies like fMRI scans allow researchers to... Read more

The Science of Generosity

Surveying the economics, neuroscience, psychology, and sociology of giving People demonstrate generosity in myriad ways, from gifts of time and money to everyday acts of kindness toward loved ones—and even to deeds that involve substantial self-sacrifice, like donating a kidney to a stranger. But we are often nowhere near as generous as we could (or... Read more

The Science of Gratitude

Written by Summer Allen, Ph.D. Over the past two decades scientists have made great strides toward understanding the biological roots of gratitude, the various benefits that accompany gratitude, and the ways that people can cultivate feelings of gratitude in their day-to-day lives. The studies comprising this science of gratitude are the subject of this paper.... Read more

Scientists and medical practitioners are taking a fresh look at the ways that patients’ religious beliefs affect their healthcare needs

When we think of the frontiers where religion and science intersect — in conflict, harmony, or confusion — we might envision a philosophical debate at a university, a particle accelerator probing the origins of the universe, or perhaps a high-stakes courtroom battle like the Scopes “Monkey” trial. For most people, though, the realms of the... Read more

Self-Care Tips for Working From Home

Whether you’re working from home or self-isolating with your family, this is an unprecedented chapter and it will take some time adjusting to our ‘new normal’. Balancing home life, work demands and home schooling your children requires great energy and patience and in this new landscape you might be feeling more squeezed than ever before.... Read more

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Spirituality and Health

When we think of the frontiers where religion and science intersect — in conflict, harmony, or confusion — we might envision a philosophical debate at a university, a particle accelerator probing the origins of the universe, or perhaps a high-stakes courtroom battle like the Scopes “Monkey” trial. For most people, though, the realms of the... Read more

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Let’s Build Back Happier!

As we near the launch of the 2021 World Happiness Report, we are thrilled to be kicking off the official WHR blog. Here at Wall’s we serve 28 billion portions of “happiness” in communities across the world every year and we’re on a mission to make the world a happier, more inclusive place. After a... Read more

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The Impact of COVID-19 on Life Satisfaction Worldwide

Global survey data on the wellbeing of thousands of individuals across 26 countries has revealed how the coronavirus pandemic is impacting people’s satisfaction with life. Among key findings are that in the West, countries hit hardest by COVID-19 are generally unhappier than those with lower death rates from the disease. Western countries reporting the lowest levels of... Read more

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Sustainability makes people happier, research finds

Sustainable development makes people happier. Progress towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, which cover objectives ranging from climate change adaptation to the eradication of poverty, has a positive correlation with wellbeing, according to new research from the University of Oxford. Countries with a higher SDG Index score tend to do better in terms of subjective well-being, with... Read more