4 Key Lessons of Strong Leadership, From Proven Leaders

Happier Way Original - Early in careers, as employees try to gain their footing within a company, they strive for excellence as a team member or individual contributor. Eventually, though, as they grow in their careers, individual contributors seek the next step of the professional journey. This next step is typically the one that thrusts... Read more


9 Tips for More Sustainable Living

Happier Way Original - It is no secret that our previous consumption as well as production habits have impacted our environment. The extravagant use of environmental resources coupled with the increasing global population resulted in unsustainable practices. There was a rise of throw away and cowboy economies. We developed at the cost of nature and... Read more


Level Up Your Leadership with These 7 Top Leadership Skills

Happier Way Original - You’ve reached the management level, got that promotion, made it to the big leagues. Congratulations on your new position! While you are celebrating and contemplating the workload that comes with this senior position, have you thought about what kind of leader you are going to be? Maybe you will be the... Read more

Are happy people complacent?

By Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener Many people harbor the idea that happy people lack motivation. New research gives us reason to doubt this long-held assumption.Share on facebookShare on twitterShare on linkedin In this post IntroductionSqueaky Wheel ThinkingThe Power of Positive ThinkingConclusion Introduction Two decades ago, I packed my bags and headed to Kolkata, India (or Calcutta,... Read more

Five Ways to Flourish!

‘New year – new me!’ It’s a catch phrase often echoed at the beginning of a calendar year. One filled with hope, with optimism and with a desire for change. But what do you do when you turn around and not only are you the same person you were yesterday, the day-in-day-out challenges of the... Read more

4 EQ Steps to Find Motivation

Why is it so hard to get motivated some days while other times you easily find a well of inspiration and drive?  Self-motivation is essential to achieving our goals both personally and within the context of a team or an organization. Motivation is one of the core competencies of emotional intelligence, and recent studies find that personal... Read more