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On a Mission to

Promote and create events and educational resources that provide valuable insight as well as actionable tools and activities to: improve mental & physical well-being, learn about and act on inclusion, diversity & equality initiatives, and grow both personally and professionally.


We will build partnerships and initiatives that increase the reach of our work and our partners’ work


We will use our voice and our partners’ voices to advocate for our 3 pillars: Well-being, Inclusion and Growth


Be a sustainable and thriving foundation that informs and empowers people to develop a happier way to think, act, and live

Happier Way Stories

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“So proud of being part of a team that is committed to making a positive impact on the world by raising awareness on themes like diversity and equality.”

Happier Way,Foundation,Impact

Filipa Maximo

Lisbon, Portugal

“I could not be more proud of the work we are doing at the Happier Way Foundation. With a renewed focus on inclusion and well-being, I feel personally connected to our mission and the initiatives we are implementing in our community!”

Happier Way,Foundation,Impact

Eliana Waldman

Miami, Florida

“The Happier Way Foundation’s efforts to raise awareness about different programs and organizations that are aligned with mental health, equality, and growth are inspiring. I am grateful to be able to contribute to such important causes.”

Happier Way,Foundation,Impact

José Paulino 

Miami, Florida

Our Causes

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Happier Way,Foundation,Impact

World Happiness Report

The Happier Way Foundation is a proud partner of the United Nations Social Development Network and research sponsor of the World Happiness Report.

Help for Refugees

Help the UNHCR expand their impact as they deliver vital supply items and provide long-term solutions for refugees across the globe.

Happier Way,Foundation,Impact
Happier Way,Foundation,Impact

Angel Watching Over Me

Help AWOM continue to build and create and build a safe space for young middle school girls in public schools.

Clean Miami Beach

Contribute to the incredible efforts of Clean Miami Beach in organizing and executing clean ups in Miami.

Happier Way,Foundation,Impact

The Happier Way Foundation proudly supports the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development

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The Happier Way Foundation has a partnership with As Descobertas that is a Portuguese Institute of Education and Pedagogical Investigation. You can see below some examples of work that is done by the students in the Arts Classes.

As Descobertas is a Portuguese Institute of Education and Pedagogical Investigation that was founded in 1978. It is an NGO for people who have disabilities with the mission to help them develop mental, cognitive, motor, and psychosocial competencies.

They work individually in areas such as education, rehabilitation, and personal development promoting a better quality of life to their 90 children and youngsters.

Using a human and technical spirit of constant innovation and the amazing dedication of their team they aim to bring happiness and affection to their students. By promoting a global service according to their student’s necessities, they foster an environment of equal opportunities for them.

The Arts Class’s main goal is to promote self-esteem and personal development through art. In an environment of union, sharing and equality we learn to manage our feelings and emotions with deep respect for each one’s individuality.

The art work done also allows for the exploration of fundamental themes for us to live in harmony with ourselves, each other and with the planet.

03 pedro r.

Pedro C

04 andre c.

Andre C.

11 eduardo c.

Eduardo C.

18 joana r.

Joana R.

22 susana f.

Susana F.

23. diogo g

Diogo G.

24 nuno m.

Nuno M.

25 telma a.

Telma A.

26 catarina m.

Catarina M.

27 filipe c.

Filipe C.

36 arts class

Arts Class

51 arts class

Arts Class